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Bob Bailey

TAAA 2013 President -David Kramr



Welcome to the Texas Agricultural Aviation Association website!

For over 60 years, TAAA has been the nerve center of information, education and community for ag-aviation’s air forces in Texas. TAAA is comprised of a group of professionals dedicated to helping the Texas farming industry produce food, fiber and fuel to meet the ever growing need of a hungry world. With the use of specially designed agricultural aircraft, these conscientious pilots use EPA approved products to eliminate crop damage incurred by the presence of weeds, insects and infertility. These members appreciate the association’s purpose: to provide them with up-to-date information on products, equipment, technology and training, equipping them for better service in the industry.

On this website we hope to show you some of our history, our goals, our leaders and our future. If there is something here you were looking for, but did not find, we trust you will contact us, giving us an opportunity to better inform you of who we are and what we do. We hope you will surf here often to see what’s new for TAAA and the crop dusters of the great state of Texas.


New TAAA Officers and Directors Elected

The TAAA membership elected its 2014 officers and board members last week at its annual business meetings.  Please Click Here for the slate that was elected.  Many thanks to these men and women for their service to TAAA.

Environmental Protection Agency- Guidance Documents for Consideration of Spray Drift in Pesticide Risk Assessment Docket: [EPA-HQ-OPP-2013-0676]


TAAA participates in the TDA and EPA Region 6 pesticide inspector training

April 9th, TAAA had the opportunity to help with a Region 6, EPA sponsored inspector training session. Fifty-some department of agriculture inspectors from TX, LA, OK and NM were trained by Dr. Robert (Bob) Wolf on various subjects relating to the professional application of crop protection products such as, the importance of correct nozzles, spacing, pressure and how that relates to the effectiveness of products used. TAAA was helpful to TDA finding the location for the training and additional support. Much gratitude goes to Neal Aircraft, Larry and Robert Neal, for offering their facility in Slaton, Texas for the event. TAAA President Bob Bailey, assisted by Susan Bennett helped TDA Director of Environmental and Bio-security Programs, Janet Fults with much of the pre-planning. Bob made arrangements to have a ground rig onsite; TAAA Treasurer Mitch Probasco flew his AT-602 over dye cards with and without "drift control” for a simple pattern test demonstration; and TAAA BOD Member Mike Cobb displayed his new AT-802 for the inspectors to understand the systems of a spray plane. During Dr. Wolf’s presentation a bit of time was allotted to Bob and TAAA’s NAAA Delegate, Gaylon Stamps to inform the inspectors about TAAA, NAAA and the importance of the PAASS program. TAAA BOD Member Cody Hurdt, DuPont CropProtection, joined the aforementioned board members, mingling with the inspectors and answering various questions related to the application processes. TAAA was well represented and presented a valuable, positive impression by their assisting with the program and their presenting the professionalism of our industry. TAAA staff extends heart-felt gratitude to all those who participated. To view picture of the event please Click Here.



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